Organic School Encinitas

Our mission is to offer a choice for children and families looking for a more child-centered, nurturing educational environment.
At Oasis Organic We believe it is important to teach children skills that will lead to the ability to create a happy, healthy and successful life for themselves, their human community, and the natural environment we all share.
We follow the Oasis Nurturing Education methods and practices of co-creating learning environments for young children.

To use a garden analogy, we see the child as a seed with all the potential just waiting to bloom in the right environment and with careful nurturing. It is education from the inside out. The guiding principles underlying our methods and classroom practices are designed to help unlock this hidden potential inherent within each child.

This is not limited to a few areas of academic learning but includes a broad spectrum of learning experiences for the development of social, creative, emotional, and physical abilities as well.

See Nurturing Needs, Community and Nature, and Curriculum sections for more information.
Best of all, schedule a visit. Come and see our active, happy kids in action.