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4 Steps for Starting a Paleo Diet

1. Getting Started

Don’t jump in too quickly.

Phase out each food group one by one (sugars, then dairy, wheat, beans and legumes).

Jump in, and cut out all the bad stuff.

2. Mindset

Don’t refer to it as a ‘diet’.

Instead of thinking about how big a change it is, focus on the rewards the change will bring.

Don’t even start cheating (because cheating can get out of control).

Hang in there.

3. Making Paleo Easy

Get a deep freezer so that you can stock on up meat during sales.

Make boiled eggs as your go to breakfast meal.

At the weekend, plan your meals, and prepare enough food to last you all week.

Make big or double batches of food, and use the leftovers for your next meal.

4. Making Paleo Fun

Add Macon. Lots of macon.

Make paleo-friendly ketchup.

Eat bacon and dark chocolate in moderation to make giving up junk food easier.

Tweak recipes to make them suit you.

And, perhaps the most important one! 56. Just do it. If you are serious about starting a Paleo Diet! A book that will make your Paleo diet much easier to implement is 1000 Paleo Recipes. Check it out here:

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