Indian Paleo Breakfast & Lunch


Paleo Breakfast :
Handfull of Almonds

Indian Gooseberry Lemonade :
2 Gooseberries,
1 Lemon,
10 sprigs Mint leaves
Himalayan rock salt (according to taste)
1 Small slice of Ginger (optional)
Blend together and the lemonade is all set to serve.

Carrot & Mushroom Sauté !
1 Carrot (Grated)
8 Buttoned Mushrooms
1 Medium sized Onion and 2 Shallots
Spring onion 2 table spoon
4 Garlic cloves
2 Green Chillies.

Take 2 table spoons of unsalted butter ( here i have used clarified butter ie., Ghee), add green chillies, Garlic, Onions and salt. Once they turn brown add grated Carrot and leave it for 5-6 mins. Now add mushrooms and saute them. Leave it to cook for 5-6 mins. Once its cooked add pepper and spring onions.

This Recipe goes well for Vegetarians who are following Paleo diet (Indian Way).
You can also make patties out of this and also use for Burgers.


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