Paleo recipe book review-How to eat healthy and simple food


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The Paleo Diet approach is a relatively new trend, but it’s a concept that’s rooted in thousands of years of human evolution. The term ‘Paleo’ refers to the paleolithic era, when early humans roamed the Earth. The diet is designed to mimic the early human’s diet on the theoretical basis that it’s a diet that was in place while modern humans were evolving, thereby making the Paleo Diet more conducive to good health.

The Paleo Diet involves eating meats, fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts, while omitting foods such as dairy, sugars, legumes, grains, preservatives and additives, vegetable oils, starches, lentils and other items that would not have been accessible to early humans — hunter-gatherers.

I recently decided to give the Paleo Diet a try and the first book I purchased was The Paleo Recipe Book and it remains my favorite as it’s perfect for beginners as well as and those who are more experienced with the Paleo Lifestyle. You’ll get 350 recipes for a mere $27, along with a host of other bonuses, which make it a great buy, especially if you’re new to the Paleo Lifestyle. There are a total of 18 categories, which makes it simple to find the exact type of food you’re seeking!

In addition to The Paleo Recipe Book, you’ll also receive helpful bonuses, such as a Paleo dessert book and a recipe book with quick and simple Paleo meals. The latter is an essential, as the inability to find easy meals on the go is one major drawback to the Paleo Lifestyle, so the quick and simple meals guide is really useful for those who are new to all things Paleo.

There’s also a handy meal plan guide, which makes it even easier to get started with this approach. The Paleo Recipe Book also includes lots of handy charts and cooking guides, which are ideal for newbies.

For extra information feel free to visit The Paleo Recipe Book’s home page.

I hope my review gave some answers and you will find the book as useful as I found it to be.

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