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This is my go-to for an easy and delicious keto meal with lots of leftovers! I used to not be a huge fan of meatloaf but now I make this recipe at least twice a month. It has a whopping 8 servings and freezes great as a whole loaf, or individual slices, for fast meals when you don’t feel like cooking.

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🍴 RECIPE: BBQ Meatloaf (8 servings)

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• 150g yellow onion
• 1 tbsp ghee (or alternative fat for dairy-free option)
• 17-20g (2/3 cup) dried mushroom mix (you can use fresh mushrooms)
• hot water for mushrooms
• 700g ground chicken (I used ground chicken breast)
• 600g ground beef
• 2 eggs
• 1 tbsp liquid smoke
• 1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
• To taste: salt, cracked black pepper, smoked paprika, Italian seasoning
• 1 tbsp tomato sauce
• 4 strips of bacon

1. Dice onion into small bits.
2. Melt ghee/fat in a pan over medium heat. Add onions and saute for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally.
3. Once onions are finished cooking, place them in a small bowl to cool completely.
4. While the onion is cooking, place dried mushrooms in a bowl and hydrate according to directions on package (in my case, 20 minutes in hot water).
5. Once mushrooms are hydrated, rinse them well under running water. Dice mushrooms into small bits and place them in a large bowl where the rest of the ingredients will go.
(At this point, start preheating the oven to 400F)
6. Add onions to mushroom mix.
7. Add meat, liquid smoke, worcestershire sauce, all the spices, and the tomato sauce to the large bowl.
8. Mix everything together thoroughly. Place meatloaf mixture into a meatloaf pan (link below to what I use).
9. Place strips of bacon on top of meatloaf so it covers the top. Tuck in bacon at the sides if it’s hanging out.
10. Bake meatloaf in preheated oven for at least 1 hour.
11. Serve with a few spoonfuls of tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, or ketchup. Enjoy!

🔺 PER SERVING MACROS: (Includes 1 cup vegetables stir-fried in 1 tbsp coconut oil) 27.7g fat / 13.3g total carb / 5g fiber / 41.3g protein
* Please note that macros are approximations and calculated with my specific ingredients.

• Wilton 2-Piece Meatloaf Pan
• Ghee
• Liquid Smoke
• Worcestershire Sauce

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