Cassava Tortilla || Gluten Free/Grain Free Tortillas (Paleo/AIP)


This video shows how to make tortillas or parathas from cassava flour. I use Anthony’s Goods Cassava flour(Not organic). But do not use Anthony’s goods ‘organic’ cassava flour as it has a very different texture and this recipe will not work with it. You will get good results with Otto’s brand too for this recipe. I have not tried any other brands. Cassava flour is different from tapioca flour. These tortillas can be used for making tacos, as parathas for eating with indian curries and for stuffed crepes by stuffing with berries and fruits.

Recipe Ingredients:
1/2 cup cassava flour (anthony’s goods not organic OR Otto’s )
pinch sea salt
1 tbsp olive oil or avocado oil
About 1/2 cup hot water

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