Chai Tea Latte Recipe (Caffeine-Free, Paleo & Vegan!)


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Chai lattes and chai tea lattes have exploded in popularity in recent years. The spices that go into chai can vary from region to region or even household to household, though. Some of the spices most commonly found in a chai include cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove and black peppercorn. Most chai lattes also include black tea, but not this one. It is completely caffeine-free, so you can enjoy it any time of the day!

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Post Author: Dr. Josh Axe

32 thoughts on “Chai Tea Latte Recipe (Caffeine-Free, Paleo & Vegan!)

    Mindaugas Dviratininkas

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Dairy is a no no

    nikos t

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Great ! But how come it's chai since it has no chai (tea) ?

    Zartashia Tariq

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Can I use this in pregnancy


    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Chai Like Latte


    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Please specify which type of coconut milk your using, canned or the boxed beverage? Canned is much higher fat. If we're using canned won't our cholesterol go up?

    Sleepy Cobra

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    This is spice latte

    nevaeh tieasha

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    I love all your video s so helpful I can watch and learn something new every time god bless you for helping us

    Jagjot Singh

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Chai and tea are same things. Awesome video but whereโ€™s the chai ??

    Angela Nardi

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Thanx for another chai recipe ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

    ana christa

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Is it good for weight loss ?

    Pradeep Kanchan

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Where's the black tea leaves? Technically its a Masala Milk

    Norma Cummings

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Looks good but wondering about the significance of the date. Can something else be used or just not at all I am Keto and will not work fir me. But want to try it.

    Fauziah Usman

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Does it taste goodุŸ

    Ideoform Sun

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    I like this recipe, and I am going to use it to flavor my favorite herbal tea. You could add the herb, like nettle, to the coconut milk, heat and strain it. You could also add all the dry spices in the recipe to the coconut milk so they steep better, then they get strained out before blending in the dates.

    Nancie Blackburn

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Where is the tea? I am sure this is good but it needs to be renamed. Your title is misleading.

    Bassam Al-Kaaki

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    I love the idea, but placing the hot coconut milk in the plastic blender is not a good idea as it will cause the plastic to release bisphenol and other poisonous chemical antimony in the tea ๐Ÿต the drink needs to be cooled down or have a BPA free blender.

    Imroz Malik

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Chai without tea???? Irrespective it looks healthy ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

    Nahidh Kurdi

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Can not be named Chai if tea was not an ingredient.


    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    I think I will have to try this


    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    could you kindly stop saying Chai Tea. Chai is the Hindi word for Tea. you are saying tea tea latte.Chai cannot be used as an adjective to describe what type of tea it is. Chai IS TEA

    Karen Sinclair

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    So confusing. The word chai actually means tea. You call it chai tea…tea tea latte. Further, there is no tea in it!

    Mitchell Quashie

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Looking good

    Stella Bar

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Thank you for just getting to the recipe! Well done.

    Angela Hite

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    That looks so Good I can smell it!


    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Chai is the other name for tea! So this drink should be called coconut milk latte! Regardless, it sure looks delicious!!

    Michelle K

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Liking the Vegan recipes!! Keep them coming ๐Ÿ˜„

    Bill DeWitt

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Yum, sugar AND sugar with the sugar! Also processed spices! Yay!

    Syl Christensen - Health Coach

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    There is no tea ๐Ÿ™

    Cody Lim

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Chai Tea Latte without the Tea… hmmm..

    Laila Baloch

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    I'm inclined to think of it as a hot coconut milk spiced drink. Chai has tea in it….then one adds sweeteners and spices to taste. Saying chai tea is like saying hot cocoa chocolate.

    Awen Quest

    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Lovely recipe! I will make this drink. Cheers for sharing!


    (August 14, 2019 - 3:28 am)

    Mocca-java-lava-chai !! jumm!

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