Flaxseed Wraps | Vegan | Paleo | Keto | flax seed crackers | how to eat flax seeds |flax seed recipe


Flaxseed Wraps | Vegan | Paleo | Keto | flax seed crackers | how to eat flax seeds | flax seed recipe | keto wraps
for keto for weight loss | keto roti | vegetarian keto roti | low carb roti | keto recipes | flax seed roti keto | gluten-free weightloss recipe to flatbread, roti or tortilla. And this one especially is so neutral in taste that it goes well with any kind of filling or as bread with our Indian gravies. I make this every few days and store in my fridge to use a few every day and it has let me enjoy normal meals with my family. Until this time, I would eat my food with some lettuce or make a keto bread and dip my curries or gravies in. But this is the ideal combination and it tastes almost like the real deal.
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