Paleo Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes Recipe


.” I cannot believe the delectable Paleo treats that one cookbook can offer…. From beginning to end, Paleo Indulgences is packed with great recipes ranging from desserts to entrees. For today’s feast at my parents’ house, we want to bring them a treat that will keep them chuggin’ on the Paleo path that they recently have chosen. Complete Recipe: Since they are 100% Italian, pasta and breads are a staple, and they have come a long way by stepping things up with a good plant and animal diet. Recently they picked up some Paleo Bread and they were thrilled with how it tastes and what you could do with the bread, ranging from a simple sandwich to breadcrumbs! Now we want to show them what else Julian Bakery offers; with a cookbook and a few Paleo ingredients we can make a killer dessert that doesn’t have to make you claim you had a cheat-day!

Paleo Indulgences Recipe Book:


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1 thought on “Paleo Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes Recipe

    Janani Sridhar

    (March 14, 2019 - 9:17 pm)

    How did you grease the pan? With palm shortening?

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