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The Paleo Recipe Book was designed to give the user access to over 370 delicious tasting, easy to make recipes. These paleo recipes are based on a daily diet from morning to evening so you will find recipes for breakfast, dinner/lunch and supper. Living the paleo lifestyle really is not difficult and all of the recipes in the paleo recipe book are fast and easy to put together.

The Paleo diet has actually been around since the 1970s but just recently gained huge popularity through different media such as the well known Dr. Oz show in the US. The Paleo Diet was was the top searched for diet in Google in 2013 and it doesn’t look like their is to be any change on that in 2014.

This die is actually designed after people that lived on the Palaeolithic era of Earth’s history. It’s also called the Caveman diet or Primal diet by some people. The general idea is that to be your healthiest, you should eat the way our earliest ancestors did.

Before we had agriculture to plant crops and care for animals, people were hunter-gatherers. They ate meat that they could catch and kill and they gathered whatever vegetation they could safely eat.

Their diet didn’t consist of any grains, dairy, or processed foods. The modern Paleo diet tries to mimic this type of diet. You’ll be eating organically grown or raised produce and meat. However, you won’t consume dairy, grains, or any food that is processed. Processed foods include those that contain sugar, grains, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.

If you eat the typical Western diet this probably sounds like quite a challenge. Many people rely on processed foods for the majority of their calories. Unfortunately, these type of foods cause a world of problems including weight gain and disease.

There are many benefits to switching to a new way of eating and you will also find that once you get used to it, the Paleo diet is fairly easy to follow.

This video is one of a series of 9 (nine) that provide you with a huge amount of information about the paleo diet and the benefits thereof.

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    Bailey Allen

    (August 12, 2019 - 6:58 am)

    I never imagined I could still accomplish this outstanding improvement in weight and body. I noticed my weight was Nine pounds lighter after two days. I looked “loso shocking plan” paleo program on Google, which was key to knowing these details. This cook book has recipes that even the hungriest man will enjoy.

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