Paleo Soft PUMPKIN COOKIES (Keto, Gluten-free) (with Vegan option)


My Soft, Spicy and Sweet Pumpkin Cookies recipe is different because they’re made with pumpkin seeds, puree and spices. Fill your home with wonderful fall aromas and bake these cookies today! ✧✧ gluten-free, grain-free, Paleo, low-carb ✧✧

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25 thoughts on “Paleo Soft PUMPKIN COOKIES (Keto, Gluten-free) (with Vegan option)

    Living Healthy With Chocolate

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    For those of you giving this video a dislike please explain why so I can improve my work. Your feedback is much appreciated.


    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Wow Adriana!
    I tied these once and that was it.. kept making them every week. Love them. Thanks amillion

    Maddy Ferro

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Can I use coconut flour? Or any other flour?

    kwty255 Al5azraji

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Hi 👋🏻
    Thanks for sharing your lovely recipes 🌹

    How many days pumpkin cookies can be stored? And how can I store if I’m in 4 days journey in hot area?

    Iris Ka

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    How do you make pumpkin purée? Or do you just buy pre-made? I’m Keto so, but I’m very excited about a lot of your recipes! Thanks a lot❤️

    Ella Mez

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Your recipes are amazing! Thank you


    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    So😌I don’t have arrowroot powder & should I add same amount of almond flour to substitute arrowroot powder
    Plz help..Thank you🙏🏽

    AriesGirl VirgoMoon

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Omg these look awesome, ill definitely try the recipe

    Husna Bassa

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Hii doll what can I substitute for arrowroot powder

    Va Nessa

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    I love your recipes. Thanks for sharing.

    nadeen saber

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    You are just amazing

    Candee Rose

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    I'm looking to get some help,please…I would like to substitute maple syrup for the coconut sugar as my order is on back order. How much syrup do I replace the coconut sugar for?

    Mariam Kinkladze

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Great videos Adriana, keep up the good work !

    Gabby Schmitt

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    what happened to your carrot muffin recipe? it's THE BEST carrot muffin recipe I've ever had… but i can't find the recipe/video for it anymore

    Prabha Sonwani

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Wow great recipe. I will try this. But can we use other artificial sweetner in this?

    Keerthi Vaddadi

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Can u pls clearly explain what was the powder you have added after almond flour…..I just can't understand

    casey bechert

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Yum! These look perfect for the fall!😘

    Mary Weible

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    I can't find the actual recipe!


    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    I may try these today thank you for posting them.

    Susan's Easy Recipes

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Mmmm yummy and healthy 🌱 Good Job

    vidaa Abuntante

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Ops,pedao…suas receitas…

    vidaa Abuntante

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Ola Adriana, gostaria muito de fazer suas Defekts!mas eu nao entendo inglês…pena.bjoos e parabens pelo sei canal!Maraaa

    M Lento

    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Can't wait to try these. Yum! Thank you for this recipe Adriana. 😉


    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Going to make these for sure, thx, they look delicious!!!


    (August 1, 2020 - 10:56 am)

    Those look delicious! Thank you!

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